Metzger Construction Co., Inc.'s mission is to provide excellent customer service, high-quality asphalt pavement and the finest workmanship in the area. We promise to deliver your needs safely, quickly and economically. We do what we need to do and more to get the job done right the first time.

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Metzger's specializes in paving county highways and roads, city streets, and subdivisions.
Excellent customer service and superb quality are the first priorities of each and every job. We strive to satisfy our customers by suggesting and utilizing innovative techniques that provide significant savings and improved pavement structure.
Metzger's also provides asphalt pavement services for commercial parking lots and residential driveways. We have become sensitive to the needs of our clients by paying special attention to their budget and providing services in a timely fashion.
We are also committed to providing excellent services such as chip and seal, light commercial and residential site work, and other pavement services.
We can also provide complete package services with any asphalt project.
Our equipment and operating plant are approved for all state work by INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) and we are pre-qualified each year. There is an on-site Quality Assurance Technician certified in "Superpave," a mandatory regulation in the state of Indiana for paving contractors.


Asphalt pavement construction costs less than concrete.
Asphalt pavements can handle the toughest traffic. .
Asphalt pavements provide a smooth, durable service for decades, if properly maintained. Asphalt requires little maintenance. .
Asphalt absorbs heat, which melts snow and ice faster. .
Asphalt is a flexible material and moves with the weather changes. .
Asphalt can be sealed for a new appearance or sealed and striped for traffic pattern changes. .
Asphalt can be recycled, saving money and the environment. .
Motorists enjoy smooth asphalt pavements. .
Asphalt pavements save vehicle operating co


What are some guidelines to follow regarding my new blacktop driveway?
Avoid all automobile traffic for the first three days or longer depending on the outside temperature. Walking traffic is acceptable immediately after the asphalt has been rolled and set.
During the hot summer months you might want to water down your driveway to help cool down and harden the asphalt.
Avoid driving on the edges of your new driveway. The edges are the weakest part of your driveway due to the lack of side support.
What can I park on my new blacktop driveway? You can park light automobiles after the first three days. During the first 6-12 months of your new driveway, you should avoid using jack stands, car ramps and bicycle/motorcycle kickstands. You should also avoid steering back and forth, heavy truck traffic and camper/car storage, unless you distribute the weight evenly. We recommend using plywood under the tongue jack and tires.
What products are harmful to my driveway? Gasoline, oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid and power steering spills and leaks, and road salts will harm the chemical make-up of the liquid asphalt and result in unwanted holes or cracks.
Should I seal coat my driveway?
Yes. We recommend sealing your driveway within 12-18 months. Metzger Construction does not provide the seal coat service. There are several reputable companies in the area we would be happy to recommend. Seal coating will help protect your new driveway from harmful products, as mentioned above, and preserve your driveway's natural beauty.


We are proud to be actively involved in the community by sponsoring ball teams, supporting a variety of organizations, and volunteering services for special community and school projects. We work closely with officials of the local government to continue improvements to our county and city road system. As members of the Warrick County Chamber of Commerce, community involvement and maintaining a visible presence in the area is very important.

Metzger's has supported the following community organizations:

4-H Center Board
Boonville After-Prom
Boonville Band of Gold
Boonville Fire Department
Boonville High School Trailblazers
Boonville High School Yearbook
Boonville Volleyball
Boonville Youth Baseball
Buffalo Trace Council (Boy Scouts)
Castle Band Boosters
G.E.M. Ministries
Kapperman Post 44 Baseball
St. Mary's Warrick Foundation
Studio B
Warrick County F.O.P.